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Hotel De Ville front           Hotel De Ville courtyard 
Hotel De Ville Courtyard
Hotel De Ville, Paris
         David's view from fountain waiting for Suzanne          
David's view from the fountain while waiting for Suzanne
Hotel Fountain where David sat
Fountain where David sat waiting
Paris Scene from Chapter 10 - An Unexpected Adversary
Saint Gatien des Bois 
Saint Gatien des Bois,
        Saint Gatien des Bois - main street
Saint Gatien des Bois - main street Ahmad speeds along
          Abandoned farmhouse
Abandoned farmhouse where Ahmad meets Farzam
           Saint Gatien airport
Saint Gatien airport
Ahmad stesls the Brotherhood's plane
Normandy Scene from Chapter 15 - The Human Storm
Library of Celsus
Library of Celsus
          Marble Road
Marble Road - where David is taping the conference
          Hill behind the Great Theater
Hill behind the Great Theater -where the terror cell gathers
          Odeon steps
David & Ahmad charge up the Odeon steps
Ehpesus Scene from Chapter 16 - The Children of Men