“We are all relentlessly who we are.” - Antoinette Soubirous

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Main Characters:
David Anderson is the story’s main protagonist, and a relentless investigative journalist, with profound insight and compassion for the people whose world it is his job to illuminate. He has risen to fame as the head anchor for a major news organization. His investigations sweep him into the mysterious world of the Brotherhood of Purity where he must face the greatest challenge of his career.

Suzanne Biasotto is the brilliant executive producer in charge of Global News Network’s prime time programming. She has a strong admiration and respect for David, which is deepening into attraction. Passionate about her work, Suzanne is tenacious in her determination to bring the most cutting edge news to Global’s worldwide audience. Suzanne is undeterred by the imminent danger when David is thrust into the ominous world of terrorism and jumps at the chance to go with him. David finds her support invaluable as he rushes to thwart the next attack.

Ron Eyota was born and raised on a Navaho Reservation in the American Southwest. He is a professor and department head of World and American History at Notre Dame University in Indiana. Ron met David while attending college and they have been best friends since. When Suzanne asks Ron to step in and help David with the emotional and investigative challenges he faces after his father is killed in a terror attack on San Francisco, Ron does not hesitate to become the third member of the circle.

Ahmad Hasan was born in Iran, and trained in the principles of jihad in Tehran. Ahmad’s sacred mission is to cleanse the world and bring all its peoples into the brotherhood of Islam. Force is his greatest weapon in this mission until, one day, his weapons are used against him. He, consequently, meets a mysterious woman who embarks on a journey to save him that holds, within it, the potential to change the course of Ahmad’s life.

Betty Rosner was only a child when her family was arrested by the Nazis and taken to the Treblinka extermination camp. She survived the Holocaust, emmigrated to the US and settled in Brooklyn, N.Y. where she met a former GI. They fell in love, married, and moved to France where they began a successful export business.

Merilee Brunswick is a young real estate agent, with ambitions of winning salesperson of the year. She finds a holy book full of exquisite calligraphy and strange symbols close to the site of the terror attack in San Francisco. Suspecting that the man who dropped the book as he ran from the scene of the attack might be a terrorist, Merilee contacts David Anderson. It will prove to be a disastrous move.

Brian Saunders, a retired police detective, chauffeurs David and Suzanne through the streets of San Francisco in the aftermath of the attack. Saunders is intimidated by David's confident and determined manner while David finds Saunders' presence disquieting.

Cardinal Raphael Oriastro is the most erudite of the Vatican’s scholars and has a sweeping understanding of the historical origins of ancient clandestine organizations, both religious and secular. Ron Eyota brings his colleagues to the Vatican to consult with the prelate.

Antoinette Soubirous's very existence has been an act of service and love. When Ahmad Hasan enters her world, it is a different story entirely. She is nothing but a woman to him, and an infidel woman, at that. She is his enemy; someone whom he has sworn to shun, despise and kill. Antoinette will have to use all her resources to beat the clock and change the inevitable.
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The Brotherhood of Purity, founded during the tenth century, were known for...


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