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What a rollicking good yarn. A great read. Definitely a page turner. The story was quick to hit its straps, builds interest and momentum quickly and well, concluded with a rousing finale and provided the nice touch of a feel-good ending which leaves one attached to the character. All-in-all, it ends in a way that enables one to put the book down feeling really satisfied and keen for book 2. It deserves to sell like hot cakes. Well done to both authors.
John Clarke - Psychiatric Nurse and Metaphysical Healer United Kingdom

WOW!!! What an exciting beginning.  It's absolutely fantastic. Started reading and couldn't stop. This book is a best seller for sure. The Brotherhood of Purity just absolutely fascinated and enthralled me; I loved it and couldn't put it down. Thank you so much. What a fantastic "first" novel. I sure hope they will be writing many more.  What a tremendous job of research the authors did. I'm recommending it to all my friends. Can't wait for the next book in the series!
         Gina Garcia - Jazz singer and Author of The Dawn Breaker New Zealand

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, the characters were engaging and believable, I applaud the aims of the authors and look forward to more from this pair
        Alan Fisher - NetGalley reviewer

A page turner to be sure. I don't usually read fiction...but my brain required a much needed break. Not only did this keep my attention from page one...but there was also fact-based information about other cultures that satisfied my appetite for learning, which is why I usually read only non-fiction.

        Christine – Goodreads .com review

I really enjoyed this novel. The excellent writing style and compelling story make it a five star winner. Certainly a must read for anyone who enjoys a quality reading experience!

        Frank Evanov M.D. – review

I love a book that flows, characters that are believable and a story line that grabs my attention. This book has that and more. I can't wait for the next book to be published and where this journey is going to take me. Great book!!
        Diane Kaempf – review

I’m already looking forward to the sequel to The Brotherhood of Purity by Thomas DiCarlo and Connie D. Atkinson. I hope I don’t have to wait too long. This philosophical thriller, rather than psychological thriller, kept me hanging and kept me thinking. As someone who was living and working close to NYC on 9-11, sometimes I had to remind myself that I was reading a novel about another terrorist attack and not reading the news. It is still so close in my head and heart and like the rest of the world I wonder why did it happen and will it happen again? DiCarlo and Atkinson explore the inner workings of the human mind and soul in our society in a way that asks us questions like, “Is there just one right way to view this world and life in it?” and “Can a person change radically from the way they have been brought up to think?” I believe that there is hope. Read this book and think!”
        Jean Rouhani – review

Interesting novel which combines a "mystery thriller" and a perspective of Philosophy without burdening the reader with too much intellectual deadweight. Highly recommended. A great first novel and I am already looking forward to the sequel.
        Jl Haslip - Edmonton, Alberta – review

I love a book that grabs my attention, keeps me interested and characters that I can believe. This book has that and more. I cannot wait to continue the journey with the next book. I hope it's not a long wait!!
        Diane – review

This story starts with a bang & the action and plot lines never relent. A romp around our 21st C world, its as familiar as the evening news but as seen from behind the set. Its a page turner that reels you in so have time to read because you won't want to put it down.

        Robert Baldwin – review

This novel is very hard to put down. Right from the start it grabbed my attention and absorbed me in the storyline. It moves so fast that it almost dares you to put it down. At the end I was left feeling satisfied and looking forward to the sequel. This novel left me with a great deal of respect for the authors who must have put in an enormous amount of research - research that pays off in the believability and coherence of the whole story. Great stuff guys - hope we don't have to wait too long for book two.

        J.R. Clark - New Zealand Amazon review

The Brotherhood of Purity by sibling coauthors Thomas DiCarlo and Connie D. Atkinson  is a real page turner. The fast paced action packed adventure with journalist David Anderson is sure to keep you glued to the printed page as he pursues his story. David, an American global news anchorman finds himself deeply involved in religious terrorism. This book combines murder, intrigue, love and religious terrorism in a historical perspective; capturing your imagination with secret societies, mathematical symbolism and the supernatural.  A man caught up in the vortex of a religious world power struggle in search of personal and hopefully world peace. This one gets a seven-pointed gold star!!

        Lisa Rutkovsky - MD FAAP FACC Pediatric Cardiologist

Butterfly wings and hurricanes...A fascinating story that brings a clear focus to the cascading impact of our "human" decisions on the lives of others as well as on our own lives. Great read!
        Que Seraon - Amazon review

Couldn't put it down…I cannot remember the last time I read fiction but I could not put this book down. It had me from the start. I loved all the details about the characters and the interactions between them. It is a book that makes you think about our diverse backgrounds and spiritual beliefs. So looking forward to the next book ...

        Michelle Fischeron - Amazon review

A great story with compelling characters. The depth of research and portrayal of the different mind sets created by very different experiences creates great contrast in the story. The global setting keeps the story moving at pace. A real pager turner and I loved the ending. Can't wait for the next book.

        Sara Brillon - Amazon review

This book engaged my heart and my mind. I loved the characters and I loved the insight each of them provided organically through their characters. The climax was highly satisfying, and left me hopeful for the future.

        Allison Anastasio - Amazon review

A page be sure. I don't usually read fiction...but my brain required a much needed break. Not only did this keep my attention from page one...but there was also fact-based information about other cultures that satisfied my appetite for learning, which is why I usually read only non-fiction. ("So many books, so little time".)

        Christine Csernicahaas - Amazon review

Great read…Enjoyed the diversity in the characters, the opportunity as a reader to be reflective in my own perceptions and the twists in the plot.

        Callie Corriganon - Amazon review

Winning Lasting Peace…The novel isn't just a book; rather it is a thorough research in the mind and the soul of terrorists and their innocent victims. It is so real in depicting real events and ordinary people, while authors have shown deep knowledge of the world cultural heritage and int. affairs. Moreover, it is a chronicle of the world we live in. The book is a matrix of two parallel lives of main characters, the journalist and the terrorist. Although separately, their lives intertwine almost at each point, and eventually inter-cross.; a remarkable example of how good and evil live unnoticed side by side. However, the book reveals not only the dark side of the people; rather it offers a solution, which many decision-makers are overlooking. The authors have picked the interfaith dialogue as a target, for the understanding among cultures is the radical’s nightmare. Thus Thomas and Connie offer us a unique perspective on what we should do. Many engagements across the world have been followed by building the local schools; yet we do very little about the teachings in these schools. War on terror is a relatively narrow concept as it focuses on the tip of the iceberg. Maybe instead of wining the war, we should focus on how to win lasting peace. Certainly by fighting the misconceptions and the ignorance; through dialogue and mutual understanding only. By writing this book, Thomas and Connie did their part in this global enterprise. Ultimately, this is not just a book; it is a guide what needs to be done.

        Vullnet Poshka, Alexandria, VA

Excellent Mystery Thriller…This is the first fiction book I have read in 20 years and could not put it down. There are many story lines which keeps the plot moving swiftly and flowing smoothly. I recommend the book to all who enjoy a great thriller. If you read Tom's bio you will learn how his life experience ties in with the story. You will come to understand how September 11th impacted him. Tom's strong faith in God and human decency is also portrayed in a wonderful manner and is very impressive, making it a worthwhile read. I look forward to the next book!

        M. Simon - Amazon review

A novel pure of heart. This is perhaps a personal story, but written with great objectivity. It does not judge and, I believe, permits the reader to make his/her own judgments. There are times that one can become angry looking into the mind of a terrorist and then, without warning, objectivity prevails as the reader peers into the soul of the terrorist without rancor. I don't wish to be told how to think! The authors, in my opinion, gave me that opportunity. Personally, I enjoyed the Antoinette sequence of events and consider THAT the turning point of this first novel. I will recommend this to several friends within the academic community and to a well-known author whose name it would be imprudent to reveal. Well done! Cannot wait for the second novel--so don't keep me in suspense!!

        Dorothy M. Boodaghian - Amazon review