This story starts with a bang & the action and plot lines never relent.

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Book Club Guide - Chapter Questions:

1. Why is David so motivated by the events of 9-11 to embark on his mission? Is his reaction common? Why or why not?
2. Why did David seek out the advice of his friend and mentor, Stephen Holt? Was the advice he was given relevant and insightful? How?
3. Why do you think David was surprised that the Shaykh was so helpful and warm to him?
4. What was the significance of the interaction between David and the young boy at the fountain? What would you say to such a boy?

Chapter 1: Because Good Men Do Nothing
1. Do you think Eric is still alive when he sees the woman suspended in the air? Why or why not?
2. Discuss Merilee's reaction at the Penalty Box.

Chapter 2: Broken Symetry
1. How does Suzanne Biasotto’s personality affect the atmosphere of the Global News team?
2. How has John Stavos and David Anderson influenced the dynamic of Suzanne’s personality with the rest of the team?
3. Discuss your impressions of Ahmad. How does he match what you have come to understand about terrorists? Are there any differences? What are they?
4. How do you think Merilee Brunswick’s teacher, Miss Caroline, affected the course of her life? What might have been her fate had she not experienced this teacher’s kindness and encouragement?

Chapter 3: The Seeker and the Search

1. From the story Suzanne tells Captain Webb of David Anderson’s rise to head anchor for Global News, what kind of a person do you think David might be? What qualities does he demonstrate that made him the best choice for this position?
2. Compare the way David and Global News run their news operations with how you perceive the media relates to the public in today’s environment?

Chapter 4: Companions on a Journey
1. How does Ahmad settle his dispute with the mosque’s Imam? Why do you think he makes this choice?
2. Discuss Ahmad’s relationship with Sharif vs the Imam in relation to human nature.

Chapter 5: Epiphany
1. Why did Merilee open up to David? Is his behaviour toward her professional? Is it ethical?
2. David’s story could be compared to the biblical story of the three tests of King David’s faith. What is David’s first test of faith?

Chapter 6: The Good Road
1. How is the subject of Ron’s book relevant to a story about Islamic terrorism?
2. Is study of ancient and extinct cultures important to the future generations? Why or why not?

Chapter 7: Masquerade
1. Why do you think David is so insistent that his father appeared to him in a dream, rather than allowing the possibility that it was a vision? Could both Ron and David’s interpretation be valid? How?
2. Why is Ahmad’s visit to Sholeh’s parents important to the story?
3. Why do you think Ahmad could not bring himself to defy the wishes of his parents? Is this a good thing? Why or why not?

Chapter 8: An Uncertain Destination
1. What do you think of David’s mother’s analogy of baseball as a metaphor for commitment? Can you name other sports or games that mirror life decisions?
2. How do the actions of Ahmad and Sharif reflect the cultural wall between them and western civilization? How does the wall serve to dehumanize their victims? Do you think this principle is utilized in training warriors from other cultures? Is it necessary?
3. How would you respond to Ahmad and Sharif?
4. Is conquest necessary to create peace and unity?

Chapter 9: The Unveiling
1. What do you think really “killed the sheep”?
2. What do you think was at the heart of David’s antagonism toward Cardinal Oriastro?
3. Describe, in your own words, the concept of Sacred Geometry. Do you think it has any relevance to today?
4. What do you think of Cardinal Oriastro’s question regarding the wisdom of trying to destroy mankind’s instinct to worship?

Chapter 10: An Unexpected Adversar
1. The protestors in Paris were angry about the government necessity to implement austerity measures. Do you think this is an inevitable outcome of social welfare programs? Why or why not?
2. Discuss the delicate balance between security measures to protect citizens from terrorism and the preservation of civil liberties.
3. Discuss the significance of Ahmad befriending the cat.

Chapter 11: An Unusual Kind of Fire
1. What do you think of Suzanne’s assertion that global financiers are becoming more powerful than their national governments? Could this ever be possible? Why or why not?
2. What are the ramifications if such a thing happened?

Chapter 12: Broken with a Crushed Spirit
1. How does Antoinette’s demeanor toward Ahmad from the beginning affect the course of their relationship?
2. Discuss the importance of Ahmad and Antoinette’s relationship to the progression of the story.

Chapter 13: Wilful Blindness
1. What do you think of Antoinette’s attempt to understand and reach Ahmad?
2. Do you think it would do any good to show kindness to a terrorist, or would it just exacerbate Ahmad’s hatred?

Chapter 14: The Heart Will Understand
1. Does Ahmad deserve Betty’s friendship?
2. Is it possible for people to forgive those who have committed terrible acts against them or humanity? Why or why not?
3. How ‘All-Forgiving’ do you think God can be?
4. How is forgiveness and justice related? Which is more important?

Chapter 15: The Human Storm
1. Why do you think Shahin would help the nuns yet still protect Ahmad from the police?
2. What do you think Ahmad’s tears represent after seeing the video?

Chapter 16: The Children of Men
1. Do you think it was wise to choose Ephesus for the Conference? Why or why not?
2. Do you think it is possible for mankind to ever accomplish the hopes of interfaith understanding and unity expressed by Cardinal Oriastro and Shaykh Abdullah? What conditions would be necessary?
3. Why do you think David tried to save Ahmad?
4. Explain the significance of Ahmad’s final act.

Chapter 17: A Glimpse of the Eternal Now
1. What do you think a document called “The Light of Revelation” might contain?

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