An Award Winning Novel of pure heart - that enguages the spirit and the mind

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During his travels throughout the Middle East, David Anderson encounters an ancient golden symbol affixed to the walls of several buildings. When he tries to discover the hidden world within, local officials appear and threaten his life.

A decade later, David is enjoying success as the New York based anchorman of Global News, when a devastating terror attack in San Francisco takes the life of his father. The newsman plunges into investigating the story and comes into possession of a holy book found near the attack site. David is astonished when he opens the book to find the long-forgotten symbol drawn upon its pages.

The ensuing investigation propels him into the mysterious world of an international network so secret, that not even the jihadists they direct know where or how to find them.

Together with his best friend, a Native American professor from Notre Dame, and his executive producer, a beautiful woman with whom he is trying not to fall in love, they discover the roadmap to the next attack, and lunge into a furious sprint to stop it.

The Brotherhood of Purity is the first thriller in a series, set on the world stage of global intrigue. Its engaging and endearing characters, fast paced adventure, and its heart-pounding climax will keep you up well into the night. As you enter the story, you embark on a journey into the inner workings of a global news organization, the mind of a terrorist, whether humankind can build a world at peace, and how the mystical, through an extravagant gesture of love, sometimes intervenes in our human odyssey.

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